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The idea has born

The Eclipse Group was born from the need to innovate in the major events in Porto Alegre. Our mission is to delight and impact the audience, thrilling everyone through the ancient art of shadow theater, arousing strong emotions in the audience. Today, already consolidated, we expand to business events, weddings, 15 years and more. What was once exclusive to Americans is now available here in Brazil.

Innovate in your Event

Light, shadow and art! The Shadow Theater of Brazil Irreverent, surprising and unlike anything you've ever seen. We bring the exaggerated shadow art combined with technology, turning your event into a magical show. Contact Us and hire the Eclipse Group Shadow Theater now to make your event unforgettable.

Create your Show

Your wish will be realized! You can create your own show, have a special spectacle for you. We create a unique script and bring a new performance to life. It's amazing and rewarding to see your idea turn into art. Motivating and encouraging your staff and employees ensures the best results. Whatever the industry, our goal is to delight your audience in the most creative and impactful way.

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